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My passion is valuing and supporting teachers so that they can manage their work-life balance, minimise their stress and enjoy doing the most important job in the world: teaching. "TeachLoveLife":  With one in four teachers leaving the profession, it’s now more important than ever that teacher wellbeing is valued and acknowledged!



I see so many brilliant teachers taking care of the next generation yet with a poor work-life balance and on the brink of burnout themselves. While they enjoy teaching, they don’t enjoy the ever increasing workloads, additional pressures and work taking up their every waking minute. One question I consistently hear over and over again with my amazing colleagues is:

As a teacher, how do I improve my work-life balance and how do I get more time to do what I need to do?

Rather than waiting for the system to change, in the midst of looking after my three children, teaching and running a small coaching and mentoring business, I decided to do something about it and so this website in addition to the TeachLoveLife: Total Teacher Support Facebook group, professional development workshops for schools, individual coaching and mentoring programs and other resources were born.

How teachers can relax and have a better work-life balance

Teach Love Life - work-life balance for teachersMy wish for these resources is that they have a positive influence in the lives of teacher’s to transform from stressed out, worn out and in some cases burn out; to calm, content happy teachers. Together the resources contain all the tools and strategies that I have learnt to help manage mine and my client’s work-life balance both in and outside the classroom.

Mindset is a key focus and with all the research now available to us on growth and fixed mindsets it is no surprise how vital it is for teachers to have this awareness and resources to support and guide them. I firmly believe that Mindset is at the heart of teacher’s success!

My biggest hope is that I can support teachers to go from surviving to thriving. This website and additional resources is my contribution to ensure that Teachers can Teach and Love Life!

To all the teachers out there: thank you for making a difference, YOU MATTER!


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